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Swine Flu - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m worried about travelling at the moment, so can I claim if I cancel my trip?

You can only make a claim if you or a Close Relative is unfit to travel. If you cancel your trip because you are worried about getting sick, you would not be covered.

2. I am travelling with some friends. What if one of them goes down with flu? Can I claim for cancellation?

It depends on the circumstances. If you are travelling with just one other person, and they have to cancel because of flu, you can make a valid claim. If you are part of a larger group, we would require some evidence that you were forced to cancel your trip because of their illness. An example might be if the sick person is the only driver in the group and you plan to hire a car. You will need to provide evidence of the friend’s illness to validate any claim.

3. What if the person I plan to stay with during my trip is sick?

You can make a valid claim for cancellation, if you can provide evidence of the sickness of the person you plan to stay with.

4. I’ve got some symptoms which make me think I might have flu, can I cancel my trip and claim?

You must have been diagnosed with flu before you can make a claim. You need to give us some independent evidence that you are unfit to travel. This would be either a) a GP’s certificate or b) in the UK only, the original label on your flu medication prescription issued by the National Flu Service.

5. One of my family is sick. Can I claim for cancellation?

It depends on which member of your family is sick. You should check the definition of ‘Close Relative’ in your policy wording. If the family member falls within that definition, you will be covered. You will need to send us the original flu medication label for the sick person, or get the relevant part of the cancellation claim form signed by a doctor, as evidence of the illness.

6. I don’t want to/can’t take flu medication, so I won’t have a label. What should I do then?

You must ask your doctor for a certificate to prove you are unfit to travel on the date of your trip.

7. I’ve got my flu medication prescription label, and I’m due to travel in a week’s time. Can I cancel and claim?

We will only accept your flu medication prescription label as evidence if the date shown on the label is within 7 days of your planned trip date. If the date on the prescription is more than 7 days before the date of your trip, you will need to get a certificate from your GP showing that you are still unfit to travel on the date of your trip.

8. What if I get to the airport and they won’t let me on the plane? Can I claim for my trip costs?

If the airline refuses to allow you on board you should insist on them a) providing you with a certificate, signed by their medical staff, showing you were unfit to travel and b) ask for a refund of your airfare. If you have this certificate, you can claim for any additional financial losses you may suffer such as accommodation etc which you have not been able to use. Without such a certificate, you will not be able to make a claim unless your GP provides a certificate.

9. What if I get to the airport and get held up while they check my health, and miss my flight as a result?

You should ask the airline to make arrangements to get you on a later flight. There is no cover under your policy for additional costs to get you to your destination in these circumstances.

10. What if I get turned back and come home early?

Ask the airline to provide confirmation of your early return. If you have such confirmation, you can make a valid curtailment claim, which will be calculated from the date of your return to your Home Country.

11. What if I get put into quarantine when I get to my trip destination? Can I claim for a) additional costs, b) curtailment of my trip?

If you are placed in quarantine by local authorities, they should make arrangements for food and accommodation for the period you are quarantined. Curtailment claims are calculated from the date of your return to your Home Country and would not be payable for the period during which you are in quarantine abroad.

12. What if I fall sick when I’m abroad?

As long as you didn’t travel after you already had symptoms, you will be covered for any medical costs you incur.

13. What if I can’t come back on my booked flight because I’m ill?

If your return home is delayed beyond the date you had planned to come back, we will cover additional costs you incur for the period you are ill and the cost of getting you home. You must have a certificate from an independent doctor showing when you were ill.

14. What if I can’t come back on my booked flight because I’m in quarantine?

If the local authorities put you in quarantine, they should make arrangements for your return home.

15. What if the Foreign Office advise against travelling to my planned destination because of Swine flu?

You should first approach your Tour Operator or Travel Agent, as they will be able to change the date or destination of your trip. If you have booked your trip independently and not used a Travel Agent or Tour Operator, you should contact your airline as again, they will be able to offer you an alternative date or destination for your trip.

16. I bought a policy from you some time ago. I was healthy when I bought it but now I have some symptoms of flu. I still want to go on my trip, so can I call your medical screening line and get cover for my condition?

No. If you are ill with flu, you should seek medical advice and ensure that your medical records show that you are fit to travel or that you obtain a written medical certificate of fitness to travel. If you do not, and you become worse when you are abroad, you would not be covered for any medical costs.

17. I’m pregnant and my GP is advising me against travelling. Can I claim for cancellation?

Your policy excludes Cancellation caused by pregnancy or childbirth unless the cancellation is certified by a Medical Practitioner as necessary due to Complications of Pregnancy and Childbirth. You are only covered if your condition falls within the definition of Complications of Pregnancy and Childbirth detailed in your policy wording.

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