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  1. If I apply online, will I be covered to go on holiday the same day?

    Yes, provided you buy the policy before starting your trip and your trip commences and ends in your home area, you will be covered as soon as you complete the transaction. A copy of your schedule will be sent to you with links to the policy wording in order for you to print it at your own convenience. We would recommend that you enter your policy number and emergency telephone number into your mobile phone.

  2. How can I pay for my travel insurance?

    Payment can be made by debit or credit card. Payment online is via a secure server which uses advanced encryption technology to ensure your details are safe during transmission.

  3. What is the policy excess ?

    The policy excess is the amount that is payable by you, under certain sections of the policy, for each and every claim that you submit. The policy excess is per insured person, each and every incident, each and every section of cover where applicable.

  4. What is the cancellation period?

    The cancellation period is the length of time you have after the purchase of your policy for it to be cancelled should it not meet your needs. Our policies offer a 14 day cancellation period, if you cancel during this time you will receive a refund of the premium providing you have not travelled and no claim has been made. The cancellation will be subject to a deduction of a £9 admin fee.

  5. Are the benefits per person?

    Yes, all policy benefits are per person with the exception of the personal liability section which applies per policy.

  6. What is Insurance Premium Tax?

    Insurance Premium Tax (or IPT as it is often known), is a tax on general insurance premiums and varies depending on the country you live in.

  7. Is Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) included in the prices shown?

    Our policy premiums are inclusive of the applicable rate of Insurance Premium Tax, except for residents of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man where IPT does not apply.

  8. My eldest child will turn 18 whilst we are away. Will that make a difference to the premium?

    Our policy premiums are based at the age of all insured's at the date of policy purchase.

  9. What can I do to make sure that nobody sees the financial information I input into the site?

    We do not store any credit card information on our servers. We use well established third party merchant providers for handling our transaction the 3rd party payment provider that we use is PCI DSS compliant.

    All PII (Personally Identifiable information) is accessed via our HTTPS port on the server, so personal information of our customers is very secure.

  10. What happens if, after reading my policy document, I don’t think it meets my requirements?

    Our policies offer a 14 day cancellation period, if you cancel during this time you will receive a refund of premium, providing you have not travelled and no claim has been made. The cancellation will be subject to a deduction of a £9 admin fee.

  11. Where can I obtain a copy of the Policy details / policy wording?

    For details of our policy wording, please click here.

  12. How do I buy a policy?

    Purchasing our policies online could not be easier, simply choose the option to obtain a quotation and then follow the on-screen instructions.

  13. When should I start my annual travel insurance policy?

    If you have already made your travel plans we would recommend that your annual policy commences with immediate effect in order for you to start benefiting from cancellation cover. If you are still planning your trip, our annual policies can be purchased up to 3 months in advance, cancellation cover will be provided from the specified commencement date.

  14. What is the longest period of time that I can have cover for?

    Our maximum trip limit is 12 months under our Long Stay and 18 months under our Gap Year (between 16 - 45 years) policies.

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