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Welcome to the TopDog blog! We’ll keep you updated with travel news, tips and items from around the world to pique your interest and maybe help with that next trip away!

Hitting The Slopes In La TaniaHitting The Slopes In La Tania

Published: 15 March 2018

Having skied in many different countries, including Canada, Austria and Switzerland, I still consider my favourite place to be France’s Three Valleys (Les Trois Vallees) – the largest ski area in the world connected solely by ski lifts and slopes and covered by one pass. So having not visited for almost ten years I was beyond excited to return to the area on a recent trip.

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Steph's Southwold StayTravelling Outside your Comfort Zone

Published: 01 March 2018

As a pampered travel enthusiast, I've always grappled with the issue of being adventurous. I love nothing more than the idea of hiking up a mountain, the most remote one I can find - just as long as there's a phone signal up there.

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Steph's Southwold StaySteph's Southwold Stay

Published: 15 February 2018

To blow away the winter blues I recently headed away to Southwold in Suffolk to enjoy a break from the norm for the night and experience the newly refurbished Adnams hotel, The Swan.

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The Eurostar To Amsterdam; Why It's Not For MeThe Eurostar To Amsterdam; Why It's Not For Me

Published: 01 February 2018

Like many other nervous fliers, I was delighted when Eurostar announced their Amsterdam route many moons ago. Finally: a cool city to city train that would take the hassle out of travelling.

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How To Use Google Maps To Plane The Perfect HolidayHow to Use Google Maps to Plan the Perfect Holiday

Published: 18 January 2018

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives, including the way we holiday. We can compare flights, hotels and experiences quickly and tailor our time to make it as rewarding as possible. Happily, the next step to making this a seamless experience is in the form of personalised maps from Google.

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Travelling and VolunteeringTravelling and Volunteering

Published: 04 January 2018

As much as we feel that we need that holiday once a year, it’s also important to give back every so often. In popular tourist locations we quite often miss the true state of a country, and only see the part of a culture that is specifically marketed at us. Volunteering abroad is a brilliant way to experience a culture and see new places, but also to give a little back while you’re doing so.

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New Year's Eve AbroadChristmas Markets in Prague

Published: 21 December 2017

Known for its beautiful Old Town Square, colourful baroque buildings and historic past, Prague had been on my list of European cities to visit for a long time and it did not disappoint. We were lucky enough to visit during the Christmas Markets season and whilst it was very cold, snowing some days even, it was a wonderful 3 night break and so pretty during the festive season.

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New Year's Eve AbroadNew Year's Eve Abroad

Published: 07 December 2017

If I had it my way, I'd be on holiday every New Year's Eve...and not only because it's my favourite state of being. Being a suburbanite, going out to party for New Year's Eve became a pain early on; the stress of getting back to base loomed in the background all night, especially after one transport-less New Year's Eve in London left a two-hour long walk in my lasting memory, trumping the fireworks or the fun, or whatever it was we did that night.

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A Cotswolds staycationA Cotswolds Staycation

Published: 23 November 2017

My husband and I recently had a short, one-night stay at a wonderful hotel in the Cotswolds. We had heard about Dormy House through friends and it was one on our list to try. The family run Farncombe Estate on which the hotel sits is made up of Dormy House, Foxhill Manor and The Fish, 3 hotels spread over 400 acres.

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Becoming a responsible touristBecoming a responsible tourist

Published: 09 November 2017

If anything's defined the year in travel, it's been the rise in 'overtourism' - who even knew there could be such a thing? The phenomenon comes from the mass growth of the travel market: international arrivals across the globe grew from 25 million in the 1950s to 1.2 billion in 2016. In the last decade alone, the rise in affordable airlines, the emergence of Airbnb helping to alleviate any accommodation shortages, and the rise in cruises has helped push that number up.

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working-while-travellingWorking While Travelling

Published: 26 October 2017

A common feeling after coming back from a holiday, or even towards the end of it, is: ‘why couldn’t this go on for longer?’ Unfortunately for most of us, the pressures of day to day life mean that travel is an occasional treat, however this doesn’t have to be the case. There are many ways that we can see the world while working.

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taking-to-the-pisteTaking to the piste

Published: 12 October 2017

I’ve been skiing for many years and I never tire of the joy of the fresh crisp air, the stunning mountain vistas and the sheer exhilaration that you experience on a run down from the top to the bottom of the piste.

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An Indonesia WishlistAn Indonesia Wish List

Published: 28 September 2017

During my travels in South-East Asia earlier in the year, I met lots of other back-packers who highly recommended visiting Indonesia. Unfortunately at the time, it wasn’t feasible for me to head that way. But since returning home and doing some more research I can see it’s a place I am sure I will love. So when I do eventually make it there, here are some places I would love to visit:

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European city breaksEuropean city breaks

Published: 15 September 2017

As much as we pine for the days of lingering sun, al fresco lunches and warm evenings, there’s no denying that the colder months are indeed coming. But that just gets our holiday booking fingers twitchy - for when better to take a break than when there’s one last hurrah available before the winter season sets in? The good news about travelling in October is that there are destinations both near and far that are still a balmy temperature - and, unless it’s half term, the prices are reasonable too.

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