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Europe's best city walking tours

Europe's best city walking tours Autumn's just round the corner and travel fans know what that means: cheaper airfares.

For those planning their autumn adventures it's also a great time to explore a city through a walking tour. Especially on the continent as the season's weather means that you'll neither be roasting nor needing to wrap up warm - and there's less crowds to contend with too.

A walking tour can offer insights which are easily missed or left out of the formalities of guidebooks. Plus it's a fun way to meet fellow tourists and pick the brain of a local for restaurant recommendations afterwards.

While most cities lend themselves to such tours, to find the top five whose history, architecture or idiosyncrasies come alive on foot, the TopDog Insurance team suggests you walk this way.

Prague, Czech Republic

Sandeman's are the staple for city walking tours: they'll offer 'free' tours for which you pay what you like, though the pressure of the tour guide's rent is on you. Nevertheless, this business model means you're guaranteed bang for your buck. Arguably there's no better place to experience an overview tour than Prague, a pedestrian-sized fairytale capital, where around every corner lies a majestic building or curious piece of history. Visit the Old Town Square, the sombre Jewish Quarter, Charles Bridge and Prague's Kafka monument among other highlights.

For more info: SANDEMANs Prague free walking tours

Florence, Italy

There's no shortage of world-class cultural gems in Florence with Michaelangelo's David being the most famous of them all. The main galleries, museums, churches and of course the Duomo are all within walking distance and you won't need a guide to accompany you to these. So instead, take full advantage of a guide's insight on an evening walking tour. A favourite for Instagrammers and Facebookers the guide orientates visitors to the Renaissance city, while also picking the best spots to capture Florence's unique skyline at sunset. Best of all the two-hour tour ends with a gelato to enjoy and who isn't tempted by that?

For more info: Medieval Florence Walking Tour

Tallinn, Estonia

The Estonian capital is small enough to discover alone but there's a chance you'd miss a narrow cobbled street which holds an impressive historical delight because that's Tallinn to a tee. Aside from introducing groups to the local curiosities and taking them to its must-see viewpoint of Oleviste Church, the guide will take and talk visitors through Tallinn's eventful history covering its rule by Denmark, Germany and Sweden, while also showing off its present-day creativity and culture. It leads to the conclusion that they're resilient folk who haven't let the various occupations affect the town's beauty, inside or out.

For more info: Tallinn Walking Tours

Derry, Northern Ireland

Another city whose war-torn past is deep in its tapestries is Derry. For years it was a no-go zone but the walled city is now a pleasure to visit, not least when you're shown around by local celebrity Martin McCrossan. A born and bred Derryman he's chock-full of anecdotes, doesn't shy away from discussing relations between Catholics and Protestants and there's not a question about his city that he won't be able to answer. The tour is only an hour long and runs four times a day so slots nicely into even the shortest stay.

For more info: Martin McCrossan's DerryCity Tours

Munich, Germany

We give the city walking tour in Munich two thumbs up for autumn, but if your trip is later in the year even better is the Christmas Market Tour. Taking place in December when Munich comes alive you'll be taken across courtyards of the Bavarian city in search of the most elaborate stands, best handcrafted gifts and tastiest glühwein. Given that many of the traders spend all year preparing, the behind-the-scenes insight is just as fascinating as the history of the markets. Einfach klasse!

For more info: Munich City Walking Tours

However you like to take in the local sights, whether it's with the aid of a local tour guide or independently, it’s good to know that TopDog Insurance are committed to providing you with the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure 24 hours a day when away.

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