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Monarch Airlines - 02.10.2017

Following the appointment of Administrators at Monarch Airlines, we detail the procedures for claims arising for refund of travel insurance premiums paid to us as under:

Certain holiday bookings made with Monarch Airlines were protected by the licence issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) under ATOL provisions, others were not. In order to check your status, please visit https://monarch.caa.co.uk/customers/

Travel Insurance Refund Claims

For policyholders who may still be overseas awaiting their return flights home, your policy will automatically be extended until you return, at no extra charge.

For Policyholders who have yet to travel, if your flights are booked through a different tour operator and you are able to book alternative holidays / flights, we would be pleased to reissue policies to reflect the new bookings, as long as the insured details remains unchanged.

To claim on the Scheduled Airline Failure section of the policy, please download a Cancellation claim form via the web address shown under the Claims Conditions section of the policy booklet, and kindly attach a covering letter explaining the circumstances of your claim. Alternatively, please call via the telephone number shown in your policy booklet.

For all other enquiries, please email us at info@citybond.co.uk.

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