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Travelling and Volunteering

Travelling and VolunteeringPublished: 04 January 2018

Author: Zak Samuels

As much as we feel that we need that holiday once a year, it’s also important to give back every so often. In popular tourist locations we quite often miss the true state of a country, and only see the part of a culture that is specifically marketed at us. Volunteering abroad is a brilliant way to experience a culture and see new places, but also to give a little back while you’re doing so.

There are numerous organisations that offer volunteering placements abroad, but I’ve selected a few that are worth looking into if you’re feeling charitable. Other than the ICS programme, all of the opportunities below are available to those of all ages.


The Global Vision Institute (GVI) was founded in 1997 and the organisation works with local communities, NGO’s as well as government organisations. The range of programmes they offer are extensive and they work on some truly high-impact projects.

GVI work in a variety of sectors, but they do some particularly notable work in child health as well as disease awareness, including 14 locations providing support for those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

You can find more information on how to volunteer for GVI here.


Offering volunteering opportunities since 1989 Frontier has placed thousands of volunteers into projects all around the globe. They offer adventure travels, which are a mix of activities such as safari, but also incorporate conservation elements. Frontier also have placements for marine and wildlife conservation and is a great organisation for improving a CV, as well as feeling that you have given something back to the world.

For more information on volunteering with Frontier visit the volunteering section of their website.


BUNAC offers a mixture of opportunities for those looking to volunteer. Their American Summer Camp programmes are particularly good if you’re looking to enhance your CV for a teaching position. They also offer more charitable programmes – for example their construction programme in Nepal is well worth checking out. It’s for a good cause and the building methodology is traditional, so for those more familiar with modern western methods it may feel like a lot more work. However, as you’re helping to improve the living standards of the local community by providing basic infrastructure this will make the extra effort worthwhile.

More information can be found at: bunac.org


Funded by the International Development department, this programme is only available for those between the ages of 18-25, and is designed to help those of similar ages to get a decent education, or to support smaller local businesses. ICS’ placements are typically around 12 weeks.

As part of the application process you will be required to take part in a ‘selection day’, they consist of group activities as well as some interviews, this is to make sure that you have the right attributes required to take part in their programmes. You can find out more information by visiting the ICS website.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of travel volunteering opportunities that are available and if this has whetted your appetite the internet is a-wash with many other options to consider.

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