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Winter Sports

Are you prepping and waxing your ski’s or snowboard ready for your annual getaway to the slopes? Are you acting like a big kid, thanks to the high levels of excitement awaiting your trip to the winter wonderland of Lapland to visit Santa? Or maybe you’re itching to jet off to Iceland to walk across the Vatnajokull Glacier! Whichever type of winter holiday floats your boat, TopDog can confidently tell you it has the perfect policy for you.

With any activity holiday, but specifically winter sports, there comes a dash of danger. While that’s what gets the adrenaline pumping and makes the sport such a thrill, the reality is you never know what conditions you are going to find on the mountain. But with TopDog’s specialised Winter Sports Travel Insurance, we have you covered for a whole plethora of winter sports including skiing, snowboarding, glacier walking, ice skating, bobsleighing and many more.

In addition, our policy provides you with specific winter sports benefits, including loss or damage to your ski equipment and ski pass, the hiring of replacement equipment if yours is misplaced and a daily benefit if you are unable to ski as a result of extreme weather conditions or piste closure due to lack of snow.

At TopDog we would suggest taking out your policy as soon as your ski trip is booked. That way you have total peace of mind that you’re covered for the unexpected before and during your snowbound holiday.

Key Benefits Of Our Winter Sports Travel Insurance 

Top Dogs Winter Sports Travel Insurance includes all the standard aspects you’d expect from a travel insurance policy; such as cover for cancellation, medical emergencies, personal valuables, travel documents, and even your cash. As well as:

  • We all know how expensive ski equipment can be to buy or hire, and how much of a pain it can be if it gets lost, stolen or damaged. But don’t worry as with a Top Dog Winter Sports policy you’ll be covered if any of these unfortunate things occur.
  • If you find the pistes are closed in your resort because of horrendous weather conditions, such as lack of, or excess of, snow, TopDog will cover you for any transportation costs that you incur to travel to a different resort.
  • We will cover you if your ski pass accidentally gets lost or stolen.
  • There’s a 24/7 emergency medical assistance helpline, so should you find yourself in a tricky situation you have the comfort of knowing someone will be there at the end of the line to help.
  • It may be horrible to think something like this could arise on your fun trip away but there’s cover too for avalanches, air ambulance, and mountain rescue. This is key to have included for a winter sports holiday so you know you’re protected should the worst occur.

Beginners Guide To The Slopes 

For many, skiing or snowboarding is seen as the most exhilarating winter sport. Thanks to the speed, physicality, and spine – chilling adventure they offer.

What other sports pair’s the unreal scenery of snowy mountain ranges with the opportunity to rocket down a piste at high speed!

But with all adventure style sports comes an aspect of risk, especially if the correct precautions are not followed, and the reality is that accidents can happen.

That is why Top Dog has put together the following guide on how to stay safe on the slopes if you’re brand new to the piste.


  • Ski Lessons – if you are jetting off on your first ski holiday, we would recommend spending at least the first couple of days in ski school. We understand that while it might be tempting to go off with your experienced family or friends and get them to teach you, it’s important to remember that they are not qualified ski instructors! Ski school will teach you all the basics as well as ski etiquette to prevent you from having any mishaps on the ski lifts or on the slopes for example. Everyone has to begin somewhere so there is no need to feel left out attending ski lessons as they will majorly help you in the future and give you the foundations to become an amazing skier or snowboarder!
  • Ability – a key part of staying safe on the slopes is simply knowing your ability and not pushing yourself too much just to impress. Most ski pistes are rated by four different levels including green (easy/beginner), blue (moderate/intermediate), red (intermediate/advanced) and lastly black (difficult/expert), with the main reason for these classifications being that you should ski on a piste that is suitable for your ability.
  • Equipment – investing in quality ski equipment is always a must for keeping you safe on the slopes. It can get expensive so if it’s your first time we would suggest hiring your equipment from specialist providers in your resort. They will offer top-quality equipment to hire and will provide you with the correct size skis and boots which you can take note of if you eventually want to buy your own. What might be worth investing in is your own helmet, and a good pair of goggles which will really pay dividends when the conditions aren’t good!
  • Off-Piste – to ski off-piste you need to be at an advanced level. Skiing off-piste but still within the boundaries of the resort is great if you love skiing through fresh powder that has not been touched but you still benefit from the security of clearly marked danger zones.
  • Winter Sports Travel Insurance – unfortunately, travel insurance cannot guard your safety on the slopes BUT it will guard you against any unexpected costs that may occur if something goes wrong. Don’t risk it – take out cover as soon as you’ve booked your trip.

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Budget Options For A Winter Sports Holiday 

Are you looking for a more budget ski holiday that’s not going to break the bank? Well, don’t worry as we have created a list of four worldwide resorts known for their more affordable prices! Allowing you to release your inner Bond-style skiing.

Vogel, Slovenia 

Without a doubt, Vogel is one of Slovenia’s best resorts, offering an incredible beginner and family ski experience. The resort is perfectly located in the Triglav National Park overlooking the mesmerising Lake Bohinj. And with a state-of-the-art gondola transporting you from the lake’s waterfront up to the resort in a matter of minutes you will not be disappointed with the price.

Average cost of a drink: €2 for a beer

Average cost of a lift pass: £119 for a 6-day ski pass

Les Houches, France 

Located in one of the most prestigious mountains of the Alps, the Mont Blanc, Les Houches offers breath-taking views and stunning natural beauty. The ski resort peaks at 1900m above sea level and welcomes both families as well as pros.

Average cost of a drink: Happy Hour In Les Houches small village is not to be missed

Average cost of a list pass: £180 for a 6-day ski pass

Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Canada 

Known as Colorado’s last great ski town, Crested Butte doesn’t have aspirations to resemble upmarket resorts like Aspen, but instead prides itself on its friendly, down to earth culture. The family friendly resort caters for all levels of skiers with the peaks of the mountain offering very steep and rocky terrain, more suitable for fear factor adventurers.

Average cost of a drink: $2 for a coffee

Average cost of a lift pass: £235 for a 6-day lift pass

Poiana – Brasov, Romania 

With Poiana – Brasov coming in at the most affordable, it’s no surprise that it is the most popular resort in Romania. With nine miles of marked piste terrain, floodlit night skiing and surrounding forests perfect for winter camping and snowshoeing; this resort makes for the ideal ski trip with friends or family.

Average cost of a drink: £2 for a beer

Average cost of a lift pass: £92 for a 6-day lift pass (cheaper than a one – day pass in some resorts!)