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City Breaks

There is nothing better than a weekend away or short mid-week break, to forget about the daily grind of the office or writing that dreaded dissertation and to recharge your batteries with a breath of fresh cultural air.

Get together with your loved ones, friends or family and enjoy a well-deserved getaway full of laughs, sightseeing and maybe the odd cocktail.

And remember, you can enjoy all of this with the peace of mind that you are covered for any mishaps that may happen along the way with one of TopDog’s Travel Insurance policies.

Key Benefits Of Top Dog Travel Insurance Policies 

Our range of travel insurance policies cover the following as standard:

  • Fancy acting like a local and cycling around Amsterdam to see the sights, then not to worry as all TopDog’s policies will automatically cover you for over 100 sports and activities for free including cycling.
  • We cover you for unforeseen expenses, ranging from medical emergencies, lost luggage to delays and cancellations.
  • Up to £10 million emergency medical cover is available, including air ambulance and repatriation, providing you with full peace of mind regarding expenses related to any accidents or illnesses you may have while you’re away from home.
  • All our policies offer the option to include pre-existing medical conditions on your policy. Remember this is IMPORTANT as if you fall ill while you’re away, and it’s linked to an undeclared condition, any subsequent claim may be declined.
  • You’ll be pleased to know our Single Trip policy has no upper age limit and TopDog’s Multi-trip policy covers ages up to 85.
  • A 14-day cooling-off period is available if you change your mind and decide the policy does not meet your specific requirements.

Which Policy Is Best For A City Break?

When it comes to choosing the right policy for you, it all depends on your personal circumstances and holiday plans for the year.

If the city break you’ve booked is the only holiday you have planned in the next 12 months, then Top Dog’s Single Trip Travel Insurance will suit you perfectly! Or if you have a few other trips planned then why not take a look at our Annual Multi-Trip policy.

TopDog’s Single Trip Travel Insurance will cover you for a trip up to 100 days, whilst our Annual Multi-trip policy covers you for up to 50 days per holiday.

Why A City Break? 

With many budget airlines offering flights for as cheap as a train fare, it’s no wonder so many Brits are going away on city breaks to get away from reality, relax and take in the culture.

Living in the UK, we’re lucky to have a huge number of European city destinations right on our doorstep. And with most being less than three hours away it makes travelling quick and efficient for everyone. With a direct high-speed train connecting London to Paris, and a flight to Barcelona or Prague taking around two hours, you would be missing out not to join in with the city break bug.

Visiting new European cities that are so close to home allows you to embrace new cultures and cuisines; opening your eyes to the world of travel in an exciting way. Cities give you the opportunity to explore and immerse yourself by visiting historical landmarks, monuments, churches, parks, theatres, museums, galleries and much more; the list really can go on and on.

Amazingly some city breaks can work out cheaper than staying in the UK. A lot of the time return flights can be picked up cheaply and the food and drink in a number of cities comes in at a fraction of the price in some cases. For instance, the average price in Prague for an inexpensive restaurant meal is €4.44, with a beer coming in at an affordable €1.30!

Plus it’s such a flexible holiday as taking a city break can be done at any time of the year!

City Break Destination Ideas

Culture and city breaks go together like fish and chips, so if you love shopping, food, art, history or music, you will be spoilt for choice when deciding on the ideal destination.

Below TopDog has provided a list of obvious, and not so obvious, destinations. Have a read, grab some inspiration and take your pick!

Romantic City Break: 

  • Paris

Did you know that it’s estimated that an astonishing one in 679 proposals takes place at the Eiffel Tower?…… so, what better city to visit on a romantic city break! The French are known for their interesting cuisine, with snails and frog legs on the menu – do you think you could stomach this on a romantic dinner for two? Paris oozes a sense of richness with the cloud-piercing Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Seine river and many more iconic monument’s lining Paris’s boulevards.


  • Rome

Did you know 3,000 Euros are collected from the bottom of the Trevi Fountain every night? …… that’s more than we estimated here at TopDog! Rome is also known as the world’s most romantic city, making it the perfect city break for a couple. Explore a number of ancient icons such as the Colosseum, Pantheon, St Peter’s Basilica and of course the Vatican City. And with eating out one of Rome’s greatest pleasures, combining romantic outside dining with carb filling food is a guarantee for an excellent time.


Casual City Break:

  • Brussels

Did you know that Brussels has 138 restaurants per square mile?……. sounds impressive right, from cheap eats, healthy options, must-visit foodie spots and special dining experiences, Brussels really does have it all. And I am sure you haven’t forgotten about the chocolate. Brussels International Airport is actually the largest chocolate selling point in the world so you will not be leaving without a chocolate bar or ten!


  • Amsterdam

Did you know that Amsterdam has 165 canals? ….. No wonder a canal is a backdrop to basically every tourist picture from the city. The cities canal woven core is drenched with history, providing you with some of the best museums and galleries in Europe, including the famous Van Goth Museum which houses over 200 paintings and 500 drawings and letters from Van Goth himself, making it the largest collection of the artist’s work in the world.


Family City Break: 

  • Copenhagen

Did you know that Copenhagen is ranked as one of the happiest and best cities in the world to live in? ….. making it the ideal location to visit with your family, stress-free! The city is one of the globe’s greenest, cleanest, most sustainable urban centres. A place where bikes are the main form of transport, buses and metro’s run frequently, making it very easy to navigate. Why not impress the children and take them to Tivoli Park – a quaint theme park packed with impressive, historic rides – recharge on some delicious street food at Paper Island and take a boat tour from the iconic Nyhavn Harbour, allowing you to see the city from a completely different point of view.        


  • Porto, Portugal

Did you know that Porto is the world-renowned port wine capital?  …… if you didn’t, well you do now. Porto is a historic, hilly city built along the Danube River and is the ideal holiday to get a taste of a new culture, architecture, and history as well as food and wine all in one. However, port has put the city in the spotlight for many years as a result of its unique sweetness. And to please the children why not explore the Crystal Palace Gardens; an expansive park with wide walkways and perfectly maintained gardens, sure to tire them out.


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